Degrees and Certificates:                                                                                     

Certificate of Registration Authorizing Autonomous Practice as a Psychologist; The College of Psychologists of Ontario, Dec 2008, Canada.

Postdoctoral Certificate in Clinical Neuropsychology: 2016, Fielding University, New York.

PhD Degree in Psychology (evaluated by U of T as Canadian equivalent);1998, Azad University, Tehran, Iran.

MS Degree in Personality Psychology (evaluated by U of T as Canadian equivalent) ;1993, Azad University, Karaj, Iran.

BS Degree in Clinical Psychology (evaluated by U of T as Canadian equivalent); 1991,Azad University, Roodehen, Iran.

 Languages Spoken:

 English-Persian (Farsi)

Major Memberships:

Member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario

Member of the Canadian Psychological Association

Member of the Ontario Psychological Association

Member of the Canadian Academy of Psychologists in Disability Assessment 

Member of the National Academy of Neuropsychology

Member of the International Neuropsychological Society

Clinical Experiences:


Jan 2009-Present       Private Practice in Clinical Psychology & Neuropsychology/

                                   Providing Psychological and Neuropsychological Independent

                                   Services to Adult Clients (Assessment, Cognitive

                                   Rehabilitation and Psychotherapy). Providing consultation to

                                   WSIB, Disability Assessment Centers (Viewpoint, Lifemark,

                                   VPI, CVE, etc) and Rehabilitation Clinics. 


July 2013- Present      Trillium Health Centre-Neurosciences and Musculoskeletal

                                    Services, Kingsway Financial Spine Centre,

                                    Toronto/Psychologist /Providing Psychological Services

                                   (Assessment, Counseling and Psychotherapy) to Adult Clients.



Aug 2012-Present      Quinte Assessment and Treatment Group Inc-

                                   Bellevile/Psychologist /Providing Psychological Services

                                   (Assessment, Counseling and Psychotherapy) to Adult Clients.



Oct 2015-Jan 2017      Correctional Service Canada- Grand Valley Federal Institution

                                    for Women - Kitchener/Chief Psychologist /Supervising

                                    Mental Health Staff and Managing Psychological

                                    Interventions for Adult Offenders.



Aug 2012-May 2013  Correctional Service Canada-Joyceville Institution-

                                   Kingston/Psychologist /Providing Psychological Services

                                   (Assessment, Counseling and Psychotherapy) to Adult




Mar 2009-Oct2010     Toronto Police Service – Toronto/ Consultant Psychologist/

                                    Providing Psychological Assessment for Police Constable



Oct2007-Dec 2008    Dr. Romeo Vitelli, Neuropsychological Services Centre-

                                   Toronto/Psychologist (supervised practice) /Providing

                                   Psychological & Neuropsychological Services (Assessment,

                                   Counseling and Psychotherapy) to Adult Clients and MVA



Oct2007-Dec 2008     Dr. John Munn, Private Practice Office-Toronto/Providing

                                   Psychological Services (Assessment, Counseling and

                                   Psychotherapy) to Adult Clients (supervised practice).


Sep2007-Jan 2009      Alliance Hospice – Toronto/ Bereavement & Support

                                   Volunteer/ Providing Counseling Services to Bereaved Adult






2002-Jul 2007    Iranian Psychiatric Hospital/ Head of The Psychology Department/

                           Providing Psychotherapeutic services and Psychological Assessment

to Clients (inpatient and outpatient- children & adults) with Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, Schizophrenia and other psychotic Disorders, Impulse Control and Conduct Disorders,

                           Marital & Family Problems, Sexual Problems and Substances

                           Related Disorders (about 16 hours/weeks).


1996-Jul 2007      Azad University- Tonekabon/ Supervisor Professor/Providing

                            Counseling and Clinical Training of Students in Practical      

   Courses (16 hours/weeks).


1993-1996                     Tehran Municipality – 3rd Zone/ Psychotherapist / Provided

Counseling and Psychotherapeutic Services to Clients with

Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders , Children with

Behavioral Problems, Family and Marital Problems (24 hours/weeks).


1993-1995                     Ghods Medical Center – Azad University- Medical School/

Psychologist/Psychological Assessment of Children, Adolescents and Adults, Behavior therapy for Children with Elimination Disorders, School Problems, Adjustment Disorders and Individual Therapy for Clients with Anxiety & Mood Disorders.




Teaching and Academic Experiences:

Sep 2014-Present      Yorkville University-Toronto/Ontario-Practicum Supervising 

                              Psychologist for Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology Program


 Jan 2009-         Laurentian University – Barrie Campus – Ontario/ Professor of

 Sep2010          Psychology (invited)/Department of Psychology, (Taught           

                         Undergraduate Course: “Emotion”.


1998-Jul 2007 Azad University-Tonekabon/ Professor of Psychology

                        (full time)/Department of Clinical Psychology,(Taught           

                        undergraduate courses: “Psychopathology”, “Psychotherapy-

                        Theories & Applications”,“ Psychological Assessment”).


1999-Jul 2007 Azad University-Roodehen/ Professor of Psychology(part time)/

                        Department of Clinical Psychology/( Taught undergraduate and

                        graduate courses: “Psychopathology”, “Psychotherapy-Theories &

                        Applications”, “Behavior therapy”,“Research Methods in Psychology”

                        and “ Emotion & Motivation”.


2000-2006       Azad University- Sciences & Research Branch of Tehran/ 

                        Invited Professor/ Department of Psychology/ (Taught graduate

                        courses: “ Research Methods in Psychology” , “Emotion & 

                        Motivation”, “Theories & Systems in Psychology”, “ Psychological



1998-2001      Allameh Tabatabaee University- Faculty of Psychology and

                        Educational Sciences-Tehran/ Invited Professor / (Taught graduate

                        courses: “General Psychology” , “Emotion & Motivation” , “Research

                        Methods in Psychology”.


1998-2002             Azad University - Karaj/ Faculty of Humanity Sciences/ Department

                        of Psychology/ Invited Professor/ (Taught graduate and undergraduate

                        courses: “ Psychopathology”, “ Psychotherapy-Theories &

                        Applications”, “Psychological Assessment”.


1994-1996 Azad University - Tehran/ Faculty of Humanity Sciences/

Department of Psychology/ Invited Lecturer/ (Taught undergraduate

courses: “Psychopathology”, “ Clinical Child Psychology” , “ Child Psychopathology”, ”Introduction to Clinical Psychology”.


1994                  Azad University – Abhar/ Faculty of Humanity Sciences/

Department of Counseling Psychology/ Invited Lecturer/ (Taught

undergraduate courses: “ Theories of Psychotherapy”, “ Play Therapy”.                          


1993-1995       Ministry of Education – Tehran/ Higher Education During Service for

                         Teachers/ Invited Lecturer/ ( Taught undergraduate courses: “General

                         Psychology”, “ Mental Health”, “ Individual Differences” and

                        “ Developmental Psychology ”.


1993-1999        Azad University – Roodehen/ Department of Clinical

                         Psychology/ Invited Lecturer/ (Taught undergraduate courses:

                         “ Child Psychopathology”, “ Theories of Learning ” ,” General

Psychology ”.  





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3- Nikkhou,M.R.(2004,Feb). Stress Management / Workshop presented for

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4-Nikkhou,M.R.(2003,Feb). Psychotherapeutic Techniques / Workshop presented

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5-Nikkhou,M.R.(2001,June). Clinical Diagnosis Methods in Psychopathology/                           

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6- Nikkhou,M.R.(2000,Feb). Research Methodology in Psychology and  

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Continuing Education Certificates:


Dialectical Behavior Therapy Certificate (Training program presented by Centre for Addiction and Mental Health-CAMH); March 2016. Saskatchewan, Canada.

Certificate of Disability Evaluation and Impairment Rating by the American Board of Forensic Professionals (ABFP),August 2012.

Certificate of Continuing Education Course (AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 4th Edition-44 CE Credits) Sponsored by the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College; May 2012. Toronto, Canada.

Certificate of Continuing Education Course (Professional Considerations in Assessing & Managing Chronic Pain Workshop-6 CE Credits) Sponsored by the Canadian Academy of Psychologists in Disability Assessment; October 2011.Toronto, Canada.

Certificate of Completion of the Graduate Level Course in Adult Offender Assessment, Sponsored by the Correctional Service Canada; provided by Dr. Ralph Serin, Carleton University; March 2013. Kingston, Canada. 

Certificate of Continuing Education Course (Violence Assessment Workshop-7.5 CE Credits) Sponsored by the Canadian Psychological Association; June 2011.Toronto, Canada.

Certificate of Continuing Education Course (Group Crisis Intervention-14 CE Credits) International Critical Incident Stress Foundation; Oct 2012. Kingston, Canada.

Certificate of Continuing Education Course (Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support-13 CE Credits) International Critical Incident Stress Foundation; Oct 2012. Kingston, Canada.

Certificate of Continuing Education Course (Building Bridges Between Psychotherapy Research & Practice-6.5 CE Credits) Sponsored by the Ontario Psychological Association & York University (Faculty of Health); May 2011.Toronto, Canada.


Certificate of Continuing Education Course (Cognitive Therapy: Building Core Clinical Competencies); Sep 2010.Toronto, Canada.


Certificate of Continuing Education Course (Psychological Practice Under the New SABS -6 CE Credits) Sponsored by the Ontario Psychological Association; Oct 2010.Toronto, Canada.


Certificate of Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP); University Centre for Research on Pain and Disability, McGill University; June 2009. Mississauga, Canada.


Certificate of Continuing Education Course (Stress, Depression and Pain -6 CE Credits) Sponsored by the American Psychological Association; Nov 2008. Richmond Hill, Canada.


Certificate of Continuing Education Course (Being an Ethical Psychologist -16 CE Credits) Sponsored by the Canadian Psychological Association; Feb 2008. Toronto, Canada.


Support and Bereavement Facilitator - Level2 Certificate (Provided by Alliance Hospice); Oct 2007.Toronto, Canada.


Intensive Interpersonal Psychotherapy Certificate (Training program presented by IPT Institute); Oct 2006.Toronto, Canada.


Standard First Aid with CPR-Level HCP Certificate; Sep 2007. Toronto, Canada.


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